Premergency was founded in 2008 by Dean DiMonte. Dean has always had a passion for helping people and for life-long learning. These two values grew to be the foundation of Premergency.

For over 20 years prior to Premergency, Dean worked as an Advanced Care Paramedic in Ontario. Being a Paramedic has high demand for patient care success, and therefore requires ongoing training. As a demand for training grew, Dean began developing both in-class and distance education programs for the emergency services sector. By using his experience and training pedigree, he began to expand services into all sectors of business. He soon realized that Premergency’s brand and discipline could expand globally, utilizing web-based technologies.

Premergency’s is rooted in quality customer service.  As we grow, customers are in demand of value added services. The addition of in house personnel to manage our dedicated server technology, graphic design and client success teams, directly attribute to our customer success.

Together, we are the Premergency team. We are a modest team of talented individuals with diverse experience. Together, we build customized online learning products, tailored to your individual needs. Together, we produce phenomenal results that help increase the value of companies. Companies like yours.

Premergency’s Pillars:

  • Ethics
  • Skill Set
  • Experience
  • Platform