A Blended Training Program Designed To Help You Be Prepared

Knowing First Aid means that you have the skills you need to help someone in what could be one of the most critical times of their life. Being prepared is the best personal strategy someone can apply to help keep everyone safe and be ready to respond to an emergency.

But learning first aid is not always easy. The truth is that sometimes you see things you don’t want to see, or you might not be doing the proper CPR technique. It can be confusing and let’s be honest, sometimes boring.

A training program for a subject-matter like this one should be engaging, should teach you to perceive and process the information in a way that doesn’t impact you negatively. In other words, it should be simple to understand, avoid being traumatic and be clear on explaining how to be successful when helping others. 

At Premergency, we have extensive experience in EMS and Health Care. And we have thrived to deliver exceptional Training Programs to attend Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) needs and to develop Emergency Response Plans. 

Throughout the years we evolved by developing Learning and Training methodologies and systems that give great results. And now, it was time to apply our Health Care and Emergency Response expertise to provide a great Online Learning Experience that complements our On-Site Training Program.

Our Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED Online Course provides an excellent foundation on what to do during an emergency. Understanding is the key to confidence. Being confident is necessary to manage a critical situation and to provide appropriate care to someone in need. 

This is a Blended Training Program. That means that you will undergo an Online Course to learn all about Emergency Response and get ready for the On-Site training session. Our blended learning program begins by explaining how emergencies present. We give real-life examples from many years of experience and theoretical scenarios to apply that knowledge.

This training program has 12 modules, including an Online Exam. Each module has theory and learning activities, and a full First Aid Manual is provided for reference. It is designed to help you understand the possible situations that could be faced and the skills necessary to manage each emergency. But most importantly, it is NOT a boring course at all. 

For us, it is very important to engage the student and to have dynamic training sessions to ensure that everyone taking the course understands the details and methods to render life-saving care. 

The different modules will take you from an introduction to First Aid, through different types of emergencies and how to respond, up to Accident Prevention. 

  1. IntroductionFirst Aid Training
  2. PRE | Scene Management
  3. Airway and Breathing
  4. Circulation and Shock
  5. Cardiovascular, CPR & AED
  6. Medical Emergencies
  7. Bleeding, Wound Care & Trauma
  8. Muscle, Bone & Joint Injuries
  9. Other Emergencies
  10. Lifting & Moving Techniques
  11. Accident Prevention
  12. Online Exam

After the exam, you will be ready to take the On-Site Training with our instructors and practice your live-saving skills in a great environment and with high-quality equipment. 

We will reinforce the theory with practical exercises, and we will share and debate real-life scenarios. The whole course is designed to help you develop new skills, foster confidence and focus on your actions in a dynamic and engaging way. 

Be sure to check out the course syllabus and, if you have any questions, just let us know!

You can book your course here.

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