An idea. A beginning.

We have all heard the stories about when entrepreneurs experience an “aha!” moment. After a round of investment, we have a unicorn solving problems and giving us the next business disruptor. But very few talk about the actual common denominators in businesses and their stories.

Everyone understands and admires hard work and business savvy. But this time, let’s try to understand their common origin and how entrepreneurs turn ideas and creative thinking into building a business and a trustworthy brand.

We know a business, today in 2021, starts with a purpose. A reason why they do business and establish a human connection while giving value. That’s the “why we do it” of the business, that’s clear. Now, what about the “how”?

Ideas Coming In Hot

Often they are overlooked as something simple that initiates a process very quickly. But we need to realize that every idea needs to be nurtured for us to reap benefits.

Many inspiring ideas go to waste because people don’t write them down. The human mind, as powerful as it is, likes to forget things.  So let’s try not to lose opportunities that will take us down the road of innovation. The most innovative ideas start on a single piece of paper.

Ideas do not discriminate, and every piece of paper is a blank canvas, which is a great way to recycle. Think that our ideas want to come into this world and grow. They want to be an inspiration or become a unique solution, something positive for people and businesses around the world.

A business or entrepreneurship can begin that way: as a note on a piece of paper. It was an idea taken on a journey from a little napkin into a few post-its, and then you write everything on a notebook or a brief document to take to your brainstorming session—every word was written with a purpose in mind. Key elements became part of a thought process that started as a creative exercise, maybe to develop problem-solving skills, enhance your team’s creative thinking, or even just a random thought in your mind during breakfast.

A Need for Training and Efficient Development

Premergency was born this way. As an idea looking for real support that it found it on a napkin during a lunch meeting. -It was a positive idea written down specifically to generate inspiration, motivate and provide a solution to critical challenges of the industry.

A napkin with a bit of ink becomes an idea-producing machine. You’ll find them everywhere, and you can bring your ideas into this world, fold your napkin to put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

For us, the combination of a solid purpose with an idea written on a napkin was like throwing kindling into the fire. It allowed us to transform thoughts into a reality that otherwise probably would have been forgotten.

We say that a napkin produced our Creative Process.  A small piece of paper became the leading element of the story: Our Why and How.

Empower People to Help People

By nurturing that idea, a napkin evolved into a creative process focused on critical thinking, empowerment, and human connection. We were very clear on what we wanted to do: Empower people with knowledge and training to help save lives.

We stayed true to that purpose, and, throughout the years, we have been nurturing that idea to create better opportunities and help people build their skills and capacities through EdTech solutions. We are happy to say that our origin -an idea on a napkin – turned into a purpose-driven brand that positively impacts communities across Canada, USA, UK, and Peru. We explored beyond the needs and focused on being prepared for the future.


It all comes down to this: don’t waste your ideas. Support them with a piece of paper and come back to them later. Build upon that ephemeral creativity and follow a purpose to offer value to others while enjoying what you do.

Businesses -brands- are not machines. There are teams of people behind each organization, and we ought to build trust with them to expand our networks and generate value. A brand is a promise, and a promise is a purpose.

Purpose-driven brands succeed in building upon human connection through our own stories. Build trust by believing in and staying true to your purpose.

Don’t forget your origins; save your napkins.

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