Values Up Front

The way we define corporate values can vary from person to person or from business to business. Many would say they should meet some requirements. Others would say that they could be more traditional and focused on behaviour. They are different based on situation, industry, goals, and more.

We could browse the web, and we would find an infinity of definitions. However, there is one constant description: they represent a unique characteristic.

Knowing this, we still see cases where companies strive to say that they are honest and trustworthy, they are responsible, foster teamwork and communication, and the list goes on. The fact is that people are exposed to a template-based culture that fails to understand and communicate what makes us unique as professionals or innovative organizations, thinking that we need to meet specific criteria.

Well, we don’t have to.

Values are a foundation. Key characteristics that work together to guide what we do and how we do it. We build sustainable relationships based on them because they nurture and power our actions.

Everyone has gone or will go through an onboarding process once in their life. They will learn about the vision, mission and values of the company. And the most probable thing is that they won’t be able to talk about them one year later. And yes, maybe they will be able to answer “what” those values are. But will they be able to answer “why they represent the company”? How do we get our employees to understand our values and identify with them? It is clear that corporate values -culture- start from the inside of the company and spreads out to customers and the general public.

It is a chain of events that focuses on what is relevant to your team and their work. Values begin with meaning. Give your employees a purpose they can stand by, and they will live by its values.  And lead by example for teammates, clients, and the public in general. Corporate values must be demonstrated, not told. Be consistent with the moral of your story, and establish human connections through it.

This idea is what guides our efforts to build relationships and provide value through what we create for our clients and users. At Premergency, we decided to put our key characteristics on the front line. To share with everyone the values that work together to make us unique as a team and live our story every day.

We learn every day from our clients, our team, and all the people we connect with daily. Constant learning is about growth and how it can help others to innovate. Driven by curiosity and understanding, learning is about innovation for good.

The power to create and innovate is at its best when shared. To empower someone means to share power, to give others the opportunity to take control and grow. Help people act on sustainability and long-term initiatives to fulfil their purpose and achieve their goals.

Most of all, we aim to connect. To build relationships that will last over time and will have a positive impact on our communities.

For us, corporate values are what define our actions. They are the key characteristics that we share as a team, and we represent as an organization. We are curious and purpose-driven, looking to write a story with different perspectives. We focus on what matters most – to create human connections and opportunities for growth.

Our purpose is as relevant and clear as it was initially – Empower people to help people.

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