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Passion that drives improvement

When Premergency was born, it was to help more than one person at a time.
We understood that we could help professionals of all kinds and organizations to uncover their potential, to learn and grow. So we decided to fill a gap so that more people could develop new skills to help others.

Our purpose is to empower professionals and organizations with the right solutions to learn and build their skills and capacities so they can generate better opportunities for their communities. That is why we are fully committed to helping our clients succeed.

We do so by creating relationships and delivering valuable solutions.

We guide you through the phases of planning and preparation, and together, we execute ideas with passion with the objective of creating constant growth opportunities and building sustainable strategies.

We are a proud Canadian owned corporation serving industries which are looking to connect and empower professional development.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Premergency for all your learning management system needs, value added software development and prompt customer service.
Iftekhar Islam
Iftekhar Islam Business Systems Manager

Learn. Empower. Connect.

We want you to discover what guides us. Our focus is on action, and our values work together towards constant innovation and productivity.

We are constantly learning to understand, analyze and create better solutions that will help you achieve your goals. As an organization, we learn about businesses and industries, technology and education, but most importantly, about people. We learn by helping them learn in a better way.

We aim to empower organizations and professionals with the right tools and solutions to succeed and meet different objectives. We empower them to be efficient, proactive and to innovate learning experiences.

None of this would be possible if we didn’t aim to connect with the people involved. We build relationships and work together with our clients to provide high-value experiences that will produce great results.

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