Advanced Learning Innovation

An Advanced Learning Experience Network

An open-sourced Learning Management System (LMS) designed to deliver interactive Learning and
Development (L&D) experiences and innovate workflow beyond learning.

ALEN is an Advanced Learning Experience Network that integrates unique plugins to leverage the growth
potential of your organization. By creating powerful learning and management experiences, ALEN focuses on the flexibility and simplicity needed to achieve great results, develop resilient learning strategies, and empower your team to build new skills and capacities.

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Powerful Systems & Plugins To Optimize Workflow Without Limits

Empower your orgnization with custom plugins and innovate workflow beyond learning.

Our Systems & Plugins power ALEN with unique capabilities to foster growth transform complex processes into simple and efficient experiences.

  • User Management
  • Analytics & Custom Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Process Optimization
  • Course Authoring
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Automate compliance with document tracking, reminders, and noticiation capabilities.

Develop strategic workflows and ensure timing, completion and participation of your teams across the organization.

Create Data-based Learning Strategies with custom reporting capabilties.

Discover strengths and opportunities for improvement, ensure completion, and establish new and informed learning paths.


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UX & Branding

Engage your employees with interactive and dynamic online learning courses.

Build creative learning strategies to maximize performance and integrate resources for Social Learning, gamification, and more.

Leverage the benefits of a centralized platform with Third-party integration.

Maximize your efforts with your favourite tools in one place, all working together!


Go Mobile With ALEN!

ALEN offers a fully integrated Mobile App to keep your learning on the go!

The ALEN Mobile App integrates courses, plugins, documents, and messaging from your LMS - all in one!

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