Achieve your Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition Canada online PProgram by Premergency Inc.

A New Way to Achieve COR

AchieveCOR is a Health & Safety Management Software (HSMS) designed to empower your team and help you establish an efficient Health & Safety program within your organization to obtain the Certificate of Recognition under National Standards.

By establishing an online Health & Safety framework with AchieveCOR, your team will manage risks efficiently and ensure compliance; they will access in-house Training and Certifications and your organization will implement a self-sustainable program with high-quality standards.

Benefits of AchieveCor

Achieving the Certifcate of Recognition is a clear advantage for organizations across Canada.
AchieveCOR facilitates the process making it simple, friendly, and compliant under high-quality standards!
Comply with
National Standards
Decrease injury
and it's outcomes
Attract Safety
Conscious Workers
Build a sustainable
Competitive Advantage
Qualify for premium
markets and projects
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Steps to Achieve the Certificate of Recognition

Establish an OHS

Implement your
H&S Manual

Get audited by a
Certified COR

Why do I need to AchieveCOR?

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is now a requirement to bid on future projects at a national level, and it is now being mandated by large Municipalities across different provinces.

Additionally, achieving COR provides valuable recognition and
complies with National Standards, helps you reduce injury rates and save money, and gives you access to premium markets that have COR as the main requirement.

In-House Training
Learning Modules