What is a Virtual Emergency Operations Centre (VEOC)?

VEOC is a centralized online hub that will help a designated Emergency Response team to
make decisions and take action in a coordinated and informed way.

It provides the Chain of Command with accurate, real-time information from official sources to
help them analyze data, develop action plans and communicate efficiently with their teams.

Helping the world keep moving

PREDEMIC guides people and organizations with critical information to execute coordinated responses and help you keep everyone safe.

It will help you understand the different factors, stages and causes of a potential crisis that could alter their normal day operations, and establish emergency response strategies to ensure continuity of operations.

How Does It Work?


Access the latest official information about the current situation and make informed decisions.

What to do NOW!

Learn more about prevention and response strategies to act now!

Next Steps

Understand what comes next and how to be ready. Guide and Partnership Program.

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