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What is PREFLYY?

Interactive, engaging, and up-to-date high quality content. PREFLYY is a 100% online RPAS Training Program to help you get ready to become a Professional Done Operator.

Get ready to obtain your Transport Canada Certification and to be able to lead drone operations with confidence.


Curriculum & Courses

PREFLYY’s curriculum has been develop by industry leaders and experts, and designed to provide a high-quality learning experience.

You can access single courses to reinforce your knowledge on specific topics, or take the complete Training Program if it is your first time.

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Know Before You Fly

RPAS Airframes, engines & systems

Human Factors


Navigation & Navigation Aids


Theory of Light

Flight Operations

Who is behind PREFLYY?

A collaborative effort of industry leaders with one goal:
Offer the best learning experience to facilitate Professional Drone Training.


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