Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine


Multiple paramedic service sites in Southwestern Ontario requiring education certification maintenance and development.


  • Install and customize an instance of the LMS to integrate different paramedic services for training, policy review, certifications and licenses into one system
  • Provide single sign on security
  • Ability to automated custom reports in real-time and/or scheduled on desired intervals

Premergency has met all our requirements and in fact have provided value added software configuration and prompt customer service.

Iftekhar Islam, Business Systems Manager


We assist Sunnybrook Centre of Prehospital Medicine meet and exceed their training requirements:

  • Eliminated geographical challenges of sending trainers to multiple locations and having students travel to training centres
  • Significant reduction in training costs
  • Certification management in real time
  • Hundreds of continuing education courses being created, hosted and track directly in the LMS
  • Value added e-Learning creation when needed
  • Scalable development of new plugins to meet the growth of the organization