ALEN: 10 Years Transforming Learning & Development

Over a decade ago, organizations throughout Canada were embracing new digital technologies, igniting a digital revolution that started in the early 2000s, providing fresh solutions to various industry needs. Among these advancements was the adoption of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Introducing an LMS meant companies could revolutionize their approach by providing training and development opportunities to employees. However, at that time, LMS technology was still in its early stages, addressing only online learning needs in a limited way.

Exactly ten years ago, Premergency identified a critical gap in Paramedicine – the Learning & Development strategies were tedious and time-consuming, often requiring paramedics to spend valuable time in classrooms rather than serving on the streets, limiting their efficiency in aiding people.

As with every idea, it looks better on paper; so, we drafted the blueprint for what would eventually evolve into ALEN.

A decade ago, ALEN emerged as an official Learning Management System, powered by Premergency Inc. Our primary objective was to revolutionize Learning & Development and enhance training opportunities for paramedics.

The initial step involved identifying key gaps in the process, including costly training, inefficient delivery methods, reliance on in-class sessions, data security concerns, and other related factors – a rather complex scenario indeed.

ALEN addressed these challenges by providing a secure platform accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time. The content was interactive and easy to both create and deliver.

While LMS platforms increased over time, few offered a comprehensive approach to Learning & Development, with even fewer addressing specific gaps, such as documentation, policy adherence, streamlined workflows, and overall compliance requirements.

As the needs of employees, teams, and communities continued to evolve, so did the demand for resources and compliance standards. Industries progressed, accompanied by shifts in legislation, technology, and knowledge.

ALEN expanded its scope by bridging these gaps, offering a holistic approach that transitioned from online learning to integrating tools, workflow optimization, and compliance.

At Premergency, we had a vision beyond learning to lead an experience that would revolutionize Employee and Organizational Development.

Over the past decade, Premergency and ALEN have evolved into a strategic workflow solution, empowering teams to develop new skills and capabilities while fostering an environment of growth. This journey was made possible through countless conversations and collaborations with incredible clients and partners, as well as insightful feedback, rigorous testing, and thorough analysis.

Today, we proudly reflect on our accomplishments – from delivering successful training programs like our Opioid Response & Management initiative training paramedics to respond to the opioid crisis in Canada, to implementing Learning Management Systems that have trained over one hundred and fifteen thousand users across our platforms. Not to mention, ALEN powers a highly efficient First Aid, CPR & AED blended training program that has trained more than twelve thousand users so far.

Here are some #ALENFACTS from our journey:

  1. Our Document Management System plugin has registered more than 15,000 entries.
  2. Out Policy Tracker plugin for the AchieveCOR HSMS has registered 1758 entries to date.
  3. ALEN and its plugins are constantly growing. They are designed to expand on its capabilities and allow flexibility that translates into growth and efficiency.

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are thrilled to have created a system that continues to evolve and grow. At Premergency and ALEN, we pride ourselves on fostering innovation beyond learning, creating an environment where Learning and Development thrive holistically, and ensuring safety, engagement, and growth for all users and teams.

We extend our gratitude to all who have joined us on this journey, and we eagerly anticipate the promising developments the next decade will bring. Thank you for your support and for being with us at our tenth-anniversary celebration. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead!

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