Document Management: An Integrated Solution

Every morning you get to the office, open your inbox, and there you see them. Dozens of emails of coworkers sending documents, updating records, and filling up your email -or desk- with an infinity of forms and requests.

Documentation is essential, but it can be time-consuming and with an inefficient process around it. Especially if the organization still deals with paper-based requirements.

The question is, how can we reach our workforce and streamline the documentation process while improving the workflow and keeping our employees’ records updated?

The Premergency Document Manager integrated with ALEN -your best option for a Learning Management System- offers not only to improve your document workflow but also:

  1. To protect your data
  2. Make your documents accessible at any time and on any device
  3. Automate Compliance
  4. Hierarchal notifications
  5. Tracking and managing documents
  6. Integration with additional plugins and systems

And some more impressive features. I’ll explain some details about our integrated Document Manager. Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Document Manager?

A Document Manager is a simple solution that allows you to track and manage all sorts of documents across your organization.

How about the Premergency’s integrated Document Manager?

Our Document Manager is a series of plugins within our Document Management System (Learn more about our Systems & Plugins here) designed to help users track their documents (HRIS documents, educational certificates, corporate and personal documents, policies, etc.). The primary functionality is to track documents, updates, and revisions and provide notifications to users to ensure compliance is maintained on documents that can expire.

It integrates with numerous other plugins and 3rd party applications to ensure this process is automated as much as possible. Users can upload different types of documents, allowing administrators to manage them. The admin can also use specific user sets to determine document requirements for each user, based on job title, department, and any other applicable criteria.

Can I integrate Document Management Solutions into my Learning Management System?

The Document Manager can be integrated into ALEN without any problem. It can also import from and export to other HRIS systems to allow for full, bi-directional syncing.

Some of the benefits of integrating into your ALEN instance are:

  1. Simple maintenance of certifications achieved within the LMS for easy-to-build reporting.
  2. Single sign-on into the LMS, so users don’t have to maintain separate accounts.
  3. Administrators can restrict access to and require users’ entries based on criteria within the LMS, like the completion of specific courses or curriculum, branched learning, etc.

How does it work?

The Document Manager is multi-faceted. It can be used entirely from within the Learning Management System or wholly maintained by a 3rd party system (or a combination of the two). For new clients, existing data from 3rd party systems can be imported.

Users can upload their documents right from the web interface. With an extended set of permissions and capabilities, types of documents can be opened or restricted to certain users. Power users or administrators can also add documents on behalf of other users.


The main dashboard is also permission-based. Regular users can only see their documents, and once they have been verified, documents can be locked down to avoid changes without approval.

Supervisors can view, verify, edit, and print not only their documents but those of who they supervise as well.

Administrators can view all documents. At the same time, the system is HIPPA compliant, ensuring users’ privacy is protected.

The main dashboard has a simple interface that makes managing documents, building reports, and filtering an absolute breeze. It is colour-coded, ensuring that expired documents (and documents coming up for expiration) can be identified immediately. Documents can be verified with a couple of clicks and without even leaving the page!


A customizable notification system helps ensure compliance. Using different thresholds, administrators can set up notifications to make sure students (and, if need be, their supervisors) are notified of upcoming expirations. Custom notifications can be set up per document category for documents that require notifications to go out in an advanced timeframe, whereas others can be replaced with just a heads up. The language in every notification is completely customizable.

Using the Bi-Directional Link, the document manager integrates with the core system of ALEN -Moodle- so that a verified document can act as a trigger for course completion and vice versa.

The system includes unlimited, customizable fields for different documents. This includes drop-down menus, date/time fields, rich text, and additional expiration dates.


We can say that integrating the Document Manager to your ALEN LMS instance is one of the top solutions you can find to improve your document workflow and automate compliance within your organization.

It’s easy, simple, and efficient. To request a demo of the Document Manager -or a demo of ALEN- click here and tell us a little bit of what you are looking for, and we will contact you for a 1-on-1 session!

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