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Empower new experiences.

Premergency is committed to improving online learning and workflow experiences to help more professionals and organizations grow and succeed.

We offer Advanced Learning Solutions through Software as a Service (SaaS) technology and leading On-Site Training programs for an ever-changing world.

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An Advanced Learning Experience Network

Our Learning Management System (LMS) evolved into Advanced Learning Experience Network “ALEN”, a network specially designed to deliver interactive experiences for L&D, as well as Workflow solutions, and expand its capabilities along with the needs and expectations of your workforce.

Our system is where we connect ideas with technology to produce efficient online learning solutions that work and empowers users to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Hyper Personalized Features

Large library of learning activities. Management features.
Branded content, and more.

Data Driven Decisions

Create custom reports and track performance with real-time data.

Pre-Plugins and more!

Get creative to overcome obstacles. We create custom plugins to tailor learning experiences to YOUR needs


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On-Site Training Programs tailored to your needs.

Adaptable to every industry, our On-Site Courses teach workers how to be safe and help everyone to be prepared for any situation. Our Training experts have extensive professional experience in Emergency Response, Occupational Health & Safety, and Health Care.

With our new Blended Courses and Dynamic On-Site Training techniques, we maximize results along learner’s retention and engagement levels. We offer a great training experience to help everyone be confident, stay safe and ready to respond!

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