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Unique Ways to Learn What You Love

Premergency, in association with industry leaders, has develop Specialized Programs based on
specific subject-matters to serve different industries.

Through innovative online learning methods and education technology, we have created Certified
Training Programs for long-term application and compliance.

Our Programs

The Community Paramedic training program is designed to enhance the paramedic's professional development to be able to provide better long-term care to their community.
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In partnership with Indro Robotics, PREFLYY is a completely online and interactive Training Program for those who desire to become a Certified Drone Pilot in Canada.
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PREAIRCARGO offers comprehensive and engaging online training programs for every Air Cargo Industry stakeholder.
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COMING SOON! This is a fully online, interactive Driver’s Ed course to empower driving schools with new tools and help driving students to feel confident and learn all they need to know to obtain their Driver’s Licence.
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